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    • Projet de recherche: S. Halperin, Y. Felix et J-C. Thomas
    • Livres:
      • Recommended Books by Allen Hatcher in Topology About 75 books, from elementary to advanced, organized by topic, with some comments. The list was made in 2003 and ought to be updated to include a few books that have been published since then.
      • Yves Félix,Stephen Halperin,Jean-Claude Thomas, Rational homotopy theory, Graduate Text in Mathematics, vol 210, Springer-Verlag (2001)
      • Phillip A. Griffiths and John W. Morgan, Rational homotopy theory and differential forms, by , Progress in Mathematics, vol. 6, Birkhàuser, Boston, Basel, Stuttgart (1981)
    • Articles:
      • K. Hess, A history of rational homotopy theory, History of Topology (1999), 757-796

      • K Hess, Rational homotopy theory: a brief introduction, Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 436 (2007), 175-202

      • Daniel Quillen, Rational Homotopy Theory, The Annals of Mathematics, Second Series, Vol. 90, No. 2, Sep., 1969,  (205-295)
      • Luchezar Avramov and Stephen Halperin, Through the looking glass: A dictionary between rational homotopy theory and local algebra, Lecture Notes in Mathematics,  Volume 1183 (1986) 1-27
      • Karsten Grove, Stephen Halperin and Micheline Vigué-Poirrier, The rational homotopy theory of certain path spaces with applications to geodesics, Acta Mathematica , Volume 140, Number 1 (1978), 277-303.

      • H. J. Baues and J. M. Lemaire, Minimal models in homotopy theory, Mathematische Annalen, Volume 225, Number 3 (1977),  219-242.

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